Welcome to ‘The Mother Side’!

I can see you’re fairly new.
You look like you could use some rest, come sit and take a pew.

You might never have thought you’d be here,
You may have always known that you would,
But nothing could have prepared you for this journey they call ‘Motherhood’.

You’ll find a lot of women here,
In a similar boat to you,
Swimming in an endless sea of dribble, sick and poo.

We’re here to help each other,
So if you ever need advice,
From how to sooth a teething child to ridding them of headlice,

Just type and post your question,
A problem’s halved when you can share,
And I’ll bet there’s someone in this bunch, who’s already been there!

There’s Zoe, a birthing guru, she’s the founder of this group,
And Kimberley whose little one’s been diagnosed with croup.
There’s Priya who’s plagued with nipple thrush,
And Charlotte who co-sleeps in bed,
There’s Judith who pees when she sneezes,
And Lyn who is starting home ed.
Krissy still breastfeeds her 4-year old,
Dee’s battling with nappy rash,
Susan’s not slept a wink down to colic,
And Vic dreams of nights out on the lash.

Children are gifts to be treasured,
And there are moments you won’t want to miss,
But it’s hard to see the horizon sometimes, when you’re knee-deep and covered in piss.

All of our problems are different,
No two babies are ever the same.
But what we all need is damn good support, without judgement, or blame.

So, if post-natal alopecia’s made you lose all of your hair,
Or the crushing mum-guilt is just too much to bear,
Or perhaps you’re feeling lonely, depressed, a little blue,
Come join us on ‘The Mother Side’ and you’ll see… IT’S NOT JUST YOU!

© Leanne Sword – Winner of The Mother Side Poem Competition 2018

Come on in and make yourself at home!

The Mother Side is an AWARD WINNING support network for Mums & Mums-to-be supporting women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood! Feel free to invite all of your Mum and Mum-to-be friends to join us – the more the merrier! 

We have lots of passionate perinatal and parenting professionals in the group who offer various support services, so if you have any questions about pregnancy, birth & parenting fire away! If one of us can’t answer then we will find someone who can! 

We have a group admin team in place to keep The Mother Side community a safe, friendly and non-judgmental space.

We want to ensure the group remains somewhere that all Mums feel able to ask questions, share struggles, seek support and of course, share the funny stuff!

We look forward to getting to know you!


Zoë Tolman

Founder of The Mother Side

* Counsellor & Psychotherapist * Antenatal Teacher * Doula * NLP Practitioner *

Katie Olliffe

The Mother Side Support Group Admin & Group Mentor

* Birth and Postnatal Doula * Positive Birth Movement Faciliator * Parenting Coach specialising in Newborn, Baby and Toddler Behaviour and Normal Infant Sleep Development * CalmFamily Consultant *

Ruth Pay

The Mother Side Support Group Admin

* Birth & Postnatal Doula * Founder of Mother Mother Ltd *

Amelia Grant

The Mother Side Support Group Admin

First Aid Instructor & Founder of AG First Aid Training

Helen Wright

The Mother Side Group Admin