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Why do we care so much about parents having an empowered birth experience?

Because tuning into your sense of empowerment isn’t just about birthing your baby. Once you recognise just how powerful you are and start stepping into your own power you experience fundamental life changing shifts which will impact the way you live, love and parent.

I mean….. you just created, grew, nurtured and birthed another human from your body! You just gave life to another person! This is THE most incredible superpower! Is there anything else that someone can do with their body that is more amazing than that?

And yet…. not all women feel powerful after giving birth. Why? Because sometimes women feel disempowered by their birth experience. They feel let down by their care providers. They feel violated. They feel traumatised. They feel angry, frustrated, sad, grief, embarrassment, guilt or shame. Or all of the above.

And then they are told that their feelings are wrong or not important because ‘all that matters is that they have a healthy baby’. And then it no longer feels safe to express how they are feeling so they instead turn those feelings inwards on themselves. They feel like a failure. Like they have failed at birth. Or that their body failed. They feel like they have let their baby, their partner or themselves down. They are struggling but there is no safe place to offload and process these feelings. They feel guilty for not being more grateful about being a mother. They wonder what is wrong with them. They feel like they are failing at motherhood.

A woman’s birth experience has a huge impact on her postnatal experience and her postnatal mental health. It can impact on her relationship with their baby, her partner and others close to her. She can carry around those feelings of disempowerment for weeks, months or even years until she realises it wasn’t her fault. She realises SHE didn’t fail but she were failed by the system. But sometimes she doesn’t ever realise this.

I have witnessed this happening too many times.

It is wrong.

And we need to do something about it.

It is time that women stopped blaming themselves for something that wasn’t their fault. It is time that we changed the system. It is time that ALL women recognised how powerful they are and always have been. Because if every single woman in this world recognised her own power and stepped into it, the world would be a very different place.

Through The Empowered Birth Programme we are equipping women and parents with the knowledge, tools, techniques, strategies and resources that they need to enter the birth room knowing how powerful they are. Knowing that their body is her own. Knowing that the decisions are theirs to make. Knowing their rights. Knowing that this is their birth experience.

We are doing everything we can to help women recognise the power that they have. That their feelings matter. That their experience matters. That their voice matters.

This is how we are changing the system.


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