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The Biscuits of Motherhood – Irena Rao

Why can’t I stop eating biscuits?
I really don’t need any more
My evening treat before bedtime
And now there are crumbs on the floor

Why can’t I stop eating biscuits?
Perhaps it’s because I’m so tired
Constantly juggling and cleaning up mess
My kids might just have to be fired

Why can’t I stop eating biscuits?
They’re the only thing getting me through
a day of washing and tidying
Never-ending this list of ‘to-do’

Why can’t I stop eating biscuits
while breastfeeding baby in bed?
She just doesn’t seem to be settling
Perhaps it’s the crumbs on her head

Why can’t I stop eating biscuits?
I simply have no other plan
I know I should eat all my 5-a-day
But my diet has gone down the pan

Why can’t I stop eating biscuits?
My willpower’s run out the door
A custard cream is such a dream
when cooking’s become such a bore

Why can’t I have just one biscuit?
I always devour the whole pack
My belly’s all wobbly and squidgy
My figure will never come back


Why should I stop eating biscuits?
They’re perfect with hot cups of tea
A simple offering from groups far and wide
or friends full of sympathy

Why should we stop eating biscuits?
Us Mums need our energy
From shops to parks, wherever you go
They really should hand them out free

It’s true, we all love a nice biscuit
That’s a fact that we just cannot hide
Uniting us in their own special way
A ‘thumbs up’ from the Mother Side

So let’s never stop eating biscuits
They’re a perfect emergency snack
Put some in every bag you own
But just try not to eat the whole pack!

Now, who’s for a nice cup of tea and a…

© Irena Rao

Author bio: I’m a biscuit and cake-eating mum, who’s maturing like a good vintage cheddar (and just as stinky after a good Jazzercise session!

I love singing with my choir and enjoy baking and cooking… despite the relentlessness of having to plan and make tea EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

Proud owner of a wobbly belly that my two girls adore squishing, blowing raspberries on and using as a pillow. Blessed to have them and an endlessly patient husband who fill my life with joy.

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