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Time – Lisa Mulvaney

Here you are,
my precious child,
The one who stole my heart.
You’re not the first, you are the last,
The missing family part.

Your brother,
Was once as small as you,
The days are in the past
Your Sister,
Was once our baby girl
She is growing up too fast.

Stop now child,
And let me stare,
I’m not ready for you to grow.
Time has snatched,
The days gone by,
And I want to take things slow.

I’ll hold you close,
A little longer,
So I can enjoy your smell.
Close your eyes,
And listen to me,
I have some stories to tell.

The tiny hands
That clutched at me,
Whenever they felt low.
These big hands,
they’re braver now,
They long to let me go.

I watch you all,
When you sleep,
From the Mother Side
My love for you,
Is shown everyday,
Our lives are forever tied.

Every day,
Is your day,
A blessing from the start,
Where ever you go,
Whatever you do,
You’ll always have my heart.

© Lisa Mulvaney

Author bio: My name’s Lisa and I recently had my third child. I remember my eldest being just as small and this poem is about time. 

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