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Another Friday pick up.,,,

There must be somewhere that tells you the rules; how to play this ‘game’ of parenthood,
How to master, influence, run, rule, tell, and judge…in a constructive way, right?
It’s a constant race isn’t it?
Of love and threat and anxiety, hope and fun..
What mother is ever relaxed in her entirety?
Or … Dad for that matter…time, energy, restlessness, persuasiveness…
…but…who would have it any other way?
They drive you nuts, they spur you on…not being ‘us’, not doing as ‘we would’…
Oh! my! What a great day it is when they shine, they run, they play, they lead…that…just that…..
is what parenthood it about. Is it not? The rewards far outweigh. Tough but significant.
We are creating, understanding, listening and loving.
Building resilience.
That. Is. Our. Job. Right?
We’re exhausted. Good night!

© The Mother Side (This author wishes to remain anonymous)

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