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My Empowered Induction

I am so pleased to be able to share my amazing birth experience with you, especially as I was induced. I know there is a lot of fear and negativity around the idea of being induced but my experience was really positive and I would happily be induced again…if we decide to have a 3rd baby.
I was induced on 5th June at 39 weeks, as I had a tough birth with my first baby due to his size and because he was back to back and too large to turn, so my consultant and community midwife agreed to bring my due date forward by 1 week. I had 2 sweeps in the lead up to the 5th June which I think helped as well as evening primrose oil (orally), baths with an egg cup of milk and 10 drops of Clary Sage essential oil and of course lots of sex. So when I was examined at the hospital I had a very ‘favourable’ cervix, the midwife gave me a sweep and then inserted a Prostin tablet behind my cervix. She was certain we would only need 1 tablet and she was correct. The tablet was inserted at approx. 7.30pm and by 11pm my contractions were building nicely. My 6 hours had passed by 1.30am and so I was checked by the midwife and told I was almost 4cm so ready to be moved to the Delivery Unit.
Once there and off the ward I felt myself relax and my contractions become regular and strong. I told the midwife I would like to have the baby by 5am, she laughed and said ‘i’m sure that’s doable.’
After an hour my contractions were still strong but varying in length and so I was offered the option of my waters being broken as technically I was not in active labour.  After discussing with my husband we decided to have my waters broken as we did not want me to become too exhausted to push which was very likely as we had both been up since 6.30am the previous day with our eldest son. I was forewarned by the midwife that as this is my 2nd baby things could really ramp up and become quite intense but I was prepared – Tens Machine attached and gas + air at the ready. This was around 3.30am.
Wow she was not wrong the contractions built up very rapidly & by the time the midwife came back with a birth ball for me to get up and be mobile I felt an immense pressure. I was quickly put back onto the monitor, got myself into a comfortable position to push & my baby boy arrived at 5.02am weighing a healthy 8lb 12oz.
I think the midwife was genuinely surprised that he had arrived at 5am as requested, she said she could see I was determined though.
My reason for sharing today is that I do not want anyone due to be induced to feel scared or worried, it was a lovely experience and I felt very in control with the whole birth.
The midwifes made me feel so comfortable and gave me all the options and information for me to make my own choices. Feel free to ask your consultant/midwife lots of questions I did, I wanted to know all of my options & how it would work & what I should expect – this helped me not only make peace with being induced but also feel empowered and calm throughout.
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