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1 year on after Xanthe’s birth

So this little monkey turns 1 tomorrow! And I am sitting here reminiscing about how she came into the world and feeling emotional!

This time, exactly 1 year ago, I was asleep on my sofa – feeling totally wiped out (in a good way) after an AMAZING therapy session with the wonderful Samantha Selby.

Samantha used the Rewind technique in our session to help me release any feelings of trauma from my first birth experience. Afterwards I felt so tired I just passed out!

When I woke up at about 11:30pm I realised I was actually in labour (which I am sure was due to the fact I’d experienced such a huge emotional release during the session) and Xanthe was born the next evening after a VERY eventful labour and birth involving being blue-lighted into hospital due to me feeling that there was a problem, having to battle with the medical staff to get them to listen to me which was incredibly stressful and then eventually having an assisted delivery in theatre. 

But despite all of that (which on paper sounds horrendous), it was the most incredibly amazing empowering experience and I left that hospital on top of the world, feeling like Wonder Woman and on a total high which lasted for months. 

I have been completely fascinated ever since, with how Xanthe’s birth could have been so incredibly empowering when it went so ‘wrong’. 

I have been exploring how it could have felt MORE empowering than my first daughter’s birth which, on paper, seemed like a ‘textbook’ birth.

I have been on a mission over the last few years to understand what happens to us psychologically, physically and emotionally during birth. I trained to become an antenatal & hypnobirthing teacher and I have been deepening my understanding of how how our minds work, particularly during traumatic events. I have been studying how we experience our emotions and how we can feel more resilient and bounce back after experiencing adversity and trauma. 

I have discovered some pretty EPIC mind-blowing stuff which I now cannot wait to share with the world as I know that it can REVOLUTIONISE the way we approach birthing and mothering our babies and life in general! 

Next week, in The Mother Side group, I am going to be exploring what I believe women need in order to have an empowered birth experience – so if you are pregnant and feeling nervous in any way about birthing your baby, then this will be really useful for you! 

Because what my two birth experiences have demonstrated to me, and what I have learned from my training, experience and research, is that it isn’t actually HOW our babies are born that has the biggest impact on us, it is actually how empowered or disempowered we feel during our labour and birth. 

And I have learned that in order to feel empowered in any situation, we need to have a deeper understanding of how our minds work and a deeper understanding of our emotional responses to difficult experiences. 

I am VERY excited to share more about this with you all next week! If you are not yet in our amazing group you can join us here: 

Have a fantastic weekend Mother Siders! I’m off to celebrate my little pudding’s 1st birthday and the fact I managed to Mum two kiddiwinks for one whole year!  




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