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Motherhood missions

Some days being a mum feels like being in a computer game. The day feels like a level in the game with several missions to complete, with numerous challenges to overcome before I can complete it! 

Yesterday was one of those days.


Needing to get the inside of the car cleaned following a wee accident on Monday which meant the car smelt of urine (far from ideal on a hot sunny day). Just to clarify, it wasn’t me that wet myself – I am fully toilet trained although admittedly, after birthing two babies, the pelvic floor isn’t what it was.


Clearing all the toot out of the car (AKA ‘the skip on wheels’ as my hubby lovingly calls it) while keeping two small people happy. Sia (aged 3) asked to ’help’ which ended up meaning her sitting in the front seat and sticking stickers everywhere, while I emptied the car of all the toys, clothes, rubbish and several unidentifiable sticky objects.

Trying to help Sia identify a mysterious brown substance on her finger while driving to the car wash. Is it poo? Why WOULD it be poo? How did it get there? Why are we always talking about poo or wee? How can I get wet wipes to her whilst driving?

Arriving at the car wash to realise I didn’t have enough cash and they don’t take cards (seriously who carries cash around with them these days?).

Driving to the garage with the intention of getting cashback, buying a bag full of snacks to keep the girls entertained, only to be told at the till that they don’t offer cashback. 

Driving to the Tesco car park car wash instead, with a new plan of walking down to the cash machine in the supermarket while waiting for the car to be cleaned. Get there and realise that I was a bit overzealous when clearing the car out earlier, and we now have no buggy and no coats, it’s really cold and windy and it’s a fairly long walk for little legs. 

I put my jumper on Sia so she’s warm, and find a double trolly which I sell to Sia as a ‘really fun’ idea (she normally hates sitting in trollies) and cover Xanthe up with a blanket that mysteriously escaped being cleared out of the car. I’m left freezing myself but with a trolly it’s a quicker walk. 

At the cashpoint I start having a coughing fit then realise that I need a wee and panic that I am actually going to wet myself. Damn you pelvic floor! 

I get the cash and speed walk to the toilet, get the girls out of the trolley and navigate the minefield that is going for a wee in a public toilet (no baby changing available) while holding a baby and negotiating with my 3 year old to not open the door while Mummy is on the toilet. #multitaskingninja 

Buy a magazine with loads of plastic toot stuck on the front to entertain both kiddiwinks then lurk at the entrance of Tescos in the warm for ten minutes, playing referee as they wrestle the plastic toot off each other. 

Get back to the car to find that there had been a communication breakdown and despite me asking for the ‘platinum’ package they haven’t cleaned inside. 

So we now have a spotlessly clean but still stinky car…..


Today’s another day though right? Deep breath (lives reset) and start again! 

(All tips on how to get wee out of leather / fabric / carpet most welcome! 👍🏼) 

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  • Hubby Tolman
    17th May 2018 at 11:37 am

    I think askip on wheels may be cleaner than your car! xxx

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