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5 top tips for easy breastfeeding style

We all have those days with a newborn where we’ve been up most of the night and couldn’t care less about how we look the next day and it’s just far easier to have a PJ day at home. But then there are plenty of times as a new mum where you do need to leave the house and see people! When I was a breastfeeding my babies I remember feeling so much more confident if a) I was wearing something breastfeeding friendly and b) if it fitted with my pre-pregnancy style as I didn’t want to compromise on what I wore just because I was breastfeeding. I didn’t think I should have to, after all I still had my own identity even though my life now revolved around my baby.

Whilst struggling immensely with breastfeeding in those first few crazy weeks of having my daughter, the last thing I wanted to do was have to worry about what to wear that still fitted, looked presentable AND still provided easy access for feeding. After hurriedly rummaging through my wardrobe I struggled to find anything that I could squeeze into and that wouldn’t expose too much flesh when feeding. I’m a real fan of dresses and you can’t exactly lift a dress up to feed in public!

The crunch point came when I was invited to a wedding a few months later, and had absolutely nothing to wear that I would be able to nurse in. I scoured the internet for breastfeeding dresses and couldn’t find anything I liked that was still in stock. In the end I improvised with a stretchy high street dress, but I didn’t feel glamorous. Instead I felt like I was missing out just because I was breastfeeding; something so normal yet so badly catered for in our society. My new mum friends felt exactly the same.

So, after extensive research of what breastfeeding mums want and drawing on my pre-baby experience of retail buying for Tesco and working for an online company, I decided to launch Milk & Mummy in 2012. Breastfeeding my second baby in 2014 was made much easier and more enjoyable by having the pick of the Milk & Mummy stock room so I never had quite the same wardrobe dilemmas again!”

I now help lots of mums to find beautiful breastfeeding clothes that suit their personal style. Here are my top five breastfeeding style tips:

  1. Get yourself fitted for some good quality nursing bras, if possible a few weeks before your due date, as you will get bigger closer to the birth. They will give you good shape and be comfortable too. Bear in mind you will probably have to wash them frequently so buy them in materials that wash and dry quickly. 
  2. Regardless of whether you own nursing clothes or not, think about how you’re going to feed in your clothes before you leave the house. This might sound obvious but I know a few mums who got caught short out and about and had to find a changing room to feed in as they had to remove their entire dress to get to their baby to feed! I’ve also been caught out wearing a button down dress which didn’t button down far enough – it was very frustrating to say the least and I struggled trying to get enough leverage to feed from it.
  3. Be comfortable. Comfort and style don’t traditionally go hand in hand but they have to when you are breastfeeding. Clothes that you can layer, with a bit of stretch and made from breathable fabrics are best, so you keep your cool and avoid looking too creased! We sell a lot of clothes made from natural fibres such as bamboo and cotton, which are highly breathable and quick drying too.
  4. Accessorize! This is the cleverest way to update and revitalise that top you seem to wear most days! Scarves are a brilliant accessory for nursing mums. They brighten up an ordinary outfit and can also give you some extra modesty when feeding in public, should you want it. A bold, statement ring looks great and can also be a reminder of which side to feed from next – just swap it to your other hand after a feed. But you might want to avoid dangly earrings in case little hands can reach them!
  5. Breastfeeding clothes will make your life simpler, so it is worth investing in a few. It doesn’t have to be many items; just one fabulous everyday dress and a couple of flattering tops can make a huge difference. They might seem expensive at first, but when you consider how intensively you will wear them when you are breastfeeding, the cost per wear is actually quite reasonable. And if you’re going to a special event such as a friend’s wedding then wearing a gorgeous breastfeeding dress which you know you can feed in easily and discreetly will give you so much more confidence. Milk & Mummy specialise in special occasion nursing dresses, that don’t look like maternity dresses, and we get high demand for them.

You can find our range of breastfeeding clothes at We are currently running a big clearance sale with 30% off most tops and dresses, to make way for our exciting new summer collection launching at the end of March!

Milk & Mummy is a Cambridge based website, which supplies breastfeeding clothing all over the UK and abroad. Returns are free and unlimited within the UK. Emma offers fittings by appointment at her home for those local to Cambridgeshire who prefer to try before they buy.

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