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Do you feel responsible for entertaining your children all day?

These modern times we live in can often work against us. Social media gives us more access than ever before to other people’s lives which can result in many of us experiencing comparisonitis.

As a parent, seeing all the photos of the fun things that other people are up to can leave us feeling as though we should be doing more, buying more toys and planning more entertaining activities for our children. There are more classes and groups for babies and toddlers popping up all the time offering new sensory and stimulating experiences for children. Mums often report feeling responsible for keeping their children stimulated or entertained all day.

But while planning fun days out and activities is exciting – life doesn’t need to be operating at that level all the time – nor is that even realistic. Kids also need downtime. They need time to play on their own and use their imagination to create their own adventures.

As a parent, while I love going on fun days out and family adventures, sometimes the greatest joy comes from just chilling in the living room and watching the girls play together and hearing them giggling. It is hard to describe how amazing that feels and it really does make any challenging times we have faced as parents feel totally insignificant. And these very ordinary moments are what real life is all about.

So any time you catch yourself feeling as though you ‘should’ be doing more to entertain your children, ask yourself ‘who says I should?’

Because when we slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures in life, our children do too.

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